Interface QueryableTable

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AbstractModifiableTable, AbstractQueryableTable, ArrowTable, CassandraTable, CsvTranslatableTable, CsvTranslatableTable, ElasticsearchTable, GeodeTable, InnodbTable, JdbcTable, ListTransientTable, MaterializedViewTable, MockCatalogReader.MockDynamicTable, MockCatalogReader.MockModifiableViewRelOptTable.MockModifiableViewTable, ModifiableViewTable, MongoTable, Smalls.SimpleTable, ViewTable

public interface QueryableTable extends Table
Extension to Table that can translate itself to a Queryable.
  • Method Details

    • asQueryable

      <T> Queryable<T> asQueryable(QueryProvider queryProvider, SchemaPlus schema, String tableName)
      Converts this table into a Queryable.
    • getElementType

      Type getElementType()
      Returns the element type of the collection that will implement this table.
    • getExpression

      Expression getExpression(SchemaPlus schema, String tableName, Class clazz)
      Generates an expression with which this table can be referenced in generated code.
      schema - Schema
      tableName - Table name (unique within schema)
      clazz - The desired collection class; for example Queryable.