Interface TranslatableTable

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ArrowTable, CassandraTable, CsvTranslatableTable, CsvTranslatableTable, DruidTable, ElasticsearchTable, GeodeTable, InnodbTable, JdbcTable, MaterializedViewTable, MockCatalogReader.MockDynamicTable, MockCatalogReader.MockModifiableViewRelOptTable.MockModifiableViewTable, ModifiableViewTable, MongoTable, PigTable, Smalls.SimpleTable, StarTable, ViewTable

public interface TranslatableTable extends Table
Extension to Table that specifies how it is to be translated to a relational expression.

It is optional for a Table to implement this interface. If Table does not implement this interface, it will be converted to an EnumerableTableScan. Generally a Table will implement this interface to create a particular subclass of RelNode, and also register rules that act on that particular subclass of RelNode.