The Apache Calcite PMC is pleased to announce Apache Calcite release 1.23.0.

This release comes two months after 1.22.0. It includes more than 100 resolved issues, comprising a lot of new features as well as performance improvements and bug-fixes. For some complex queries, the planning speed can be 50x or more faster than previous versions with built-in default rule set. It is also worth highlighting that Calcite now:

  • Supports top down trait request and trait enforcement without abstract converter (CALCITE-3896)
  • Improves VolcanoPlanner performance by removing rule match and subset importance (CALCITE-3753)
  • Improves VolcanoPlanner performance when abstract converter is enabled (CALCITE-2970)
  • Supports ClickHouse dialect (CALCITE-2157)
  • Supports SESSION and HOP Table function (CALCITE-3780, CALCITE-3737)

See the release notes; download the release.