Apache Calcite API

Main package for Calcite, the dynamic data management platform.
Query provider that reads from Arrow files.
Cassandra query provider.
Provides utility classes.
Calcite query provider that reads from CSV (comma-separated value) files.
Query provider based on a Druid database.
Query provider based on an Elasticsearch2 DB.
Query optimizer rules for Java calling convention.
Calcite-specific classes for implementation of regular and window aggregates.
Query provider that reads from files and web pages in various formats.
Query provider based on Apache Geode (Gemfire) in-memory data grid.
Query evaluation runtime for Apache Geode adapter.
Utilities for Apache Geode adapter.
InnoDB query provider.
Query provider based on Java in-memory data structures.
Query provider based on a JDBC data source.
Kafka query provider.
Query provider based on a MongoDB database.
The OS adapter contains various table functions that let you query data sources in your operating system and environment.
Pig query provider.
Redis adapter.
Adapter based on the Apache Spark data management system.
Splunk query provider.
Executes queries via Splunk's REST API.
Utilities for RPC to Splunk.
TPC-DS schema.
TPC-H schema.
Used to put OS adapter related util classes.
End to end tests.
User-defined table function that generates a maze.
Provides an implementation of relational expressions using an interpreter.
JDBC driver for Calcite.
Language-integrated query for Java (linq4j) main package.
Contains definitions of functions and predicates.
Object model for Java expressions.
Management of materialized query results.
Provides model files, in JSON format, defining schemas and other metadata.
Piglet, a Pig-like language.
Defines interfaces for constructing rule-based optimizers of relational expressions.
Provides a heuristic planner implementation for the interfaces in org.apache.calcite.plan.
A visualizer showing how the rules are applied step-by-step.
Optimizes relational expressions.
Preparation of queries (parsing, planning and implementation).
Utilities to analyze data sets.
Defines relational expressions.
Defines relational expressions and rules for converting between calling conventions.
Defines core relational expressions.
Facilities to externalize RelNodes to and from XML and JSON format.
Defines hints interfaces and utilities for relational expressions.
Defines logical relational expressions.
Defines metadata interfaces and utilities for relational expressions.
Code for generating metadata handlers.
Defines mutable relational expressions.
Translates a relational expression to SQL parse tree.
Provides a core set of planner rules.
Provides a materialized rewriting algorithm encapsulated within a planner rule.
Defines relational expressions for streaming.
Defines a type system for relational expressions.
Provides a language for representing row-expressions.
Utilities required at runtime.
Schema SPI.
Utilities to help implement Calcite's SPIs.
Provides a server for hosting Calcite connections.
Provides a SQL parser and object model.
Provides hints and corrections for editing SQL statements.
Parse tree for SQL extensions used by the Babel parser.
Parse tree for PostgreSQL extensions used by the Babel parser.
Parse tree for SQL DDL statements.
SQL unparsers for JDBC dialects.
Defines the set of standard SQL row-level functions and operators.
Classes for testing SQL Parser.
Provides a pretty-printer for SQL statements.
Classes for testing SQL.
SQL type system.
Utility classes for the SQL object model, parsing, and validation.
SQL validation.
SQL Implicit Type Cast
Translates a SQL parse tree to relational expression.
Implementations of statistics providers.
Classes for testing Calcite.
Classes for testing Catalog.
Provides utility classes.
Classes for testing Calcite.
Utility classes for handling format strings.
Graph-theoretic algorithms and data structures.
Provides compilers for Java code.
Support for algebraic maps.
Tracing services.