The Apache Calcite PMC is pleased to announce Apache Calcite release 1.36.0.

This release comes 3 months after 1.35.0, contains contributions from 30 contributors, and resolves 125 issues.

Among other new features, it’s worth highlighting the adding of 30 new SQL functions in various libraries such as BigQuery and Spark, many improvements hardening TABLESAMPLE , and also the following features:

  • [CALCITE-129] Support recursive WITH queries
  • [CALCITE-6022] Support CREATE TABLE ... LIKE DDL in server module
  • [CALCITE-5962] Support parse Spark-style syntax LEFT ANTI JOIN in Babel parser
  • [CALCITE-5184] Support LIMIT start, ALL in MySQL conformance, equivalent to OFFSET start
  • [CALCITE-5889] Add a RelRule that converts Minus into UNION ALL..GROUP BY...WHERE

In addition to new features, it’s also worth highlighting the integrating of SQL Logic Test suite

See the release notes; download the release.