The Apache Calcite PMC is pleased to announce Apache Calcite release 1.33.0.

This release comes five months after 1.32.0, contains contributions from 33 contributors, and resolves 107 issues.

Among others, it is worth highlighting the following improvements:

  • Many improvements to the BigQuery dialect as part of [CALCITE-5180]
    • [CALCITE-5269] Implement BigQuery TIME_TRUNC and TIMESTAMP_TRUNC functions
    • [CALCITE-5360] Implement TIMESTAMP_ADD function (compatible with BigQuery)
    • [CALCITE-5389] Add STARTS_WITH and ENDS_WITH functions (for BIG_QUERY compatibility)
    • [CALCITE-5404] Implement BigQuery’s POW() and TRUNC() math functions
    • [CALCITE-5423] Implement TIMESTAMP_DIFF function (compatible with BigQuery)
    • [CALCITE-5430] Implement IFNULL() for BigQuery dialect
    • [CALCITE-5432] Implement BigQuery TIME_ADD/TIME_DIFF
    • [CALCITE-5436] Implement DATE_SUB, TIME_SUB, TIMESTAMP_SUB (compatible w/ BigQuery)
    • [CALCITE-5447] Add DATE_TRUNC for BigQuery
  • [CALCITE-5105] Add MEASURE type and AGGREGATE aggregate function
  • [CALCITE-5155] Custom time frames
  • [CALCITE-5280] Implement geometry aggregate functions
  • [CALCITE-5314] Prune empty parts of a query by exploiting stats/metadata

See the release notes; download the release.